Integrated Video Conferencing

Choice: What Video Conferencing to Use?

Skype is the most widely known and used video conferencing platform. At W3.EMAIL customer expectations are the minimum goal. You expect hot water in a hotel room. You expect that if you have an interview or a video call, Skype is at the top of the list of user "expected to have" software. Like Chrome for web, Skype is for Video Conference. From an online etiquette standpoint you simply should not ask someone to install software to attend a sales meeting. Internally, Skype so prevalent on desktops, laptops, and phones, most of your users already have it if they have experience making video calls. This results in lower training costs and software maintenance. And it is free!

We recognize you have choices. It is our mission to exceed your expectations by meeting the expectations your customers, clients, and staff have. We do not charge additional money for services where we are meeting your expectations, that is why you sign up in the first place. Enjoy!

Skype Video Presentation